Psycho Pharma Asylum Anytime Complete BCAA (2 Flavors)

Psycho Pharma Asylum Anytime Complete BCAA (2 Flavors)


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Energy, Endurance, Recovery!

Asylum Anytime BCAA are an all-day muscle building hydrating supplement that will keep you going psycho every workout.- Asylum Anytime BCAAs are an all-day muscle building hydrating supplement that will keep you going psycho every workout.

 BCAA 2:1:1: Branch chain amino acids are the building blocks of protein and taking them in conjunction with pre workout can ensure that you utilize this fuel, instead of your muscle tissue during workouts. They also increase lean muscle mass. Leucine is the most potent muscle builder of the three, which is why we formulated a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. This ratio ensures maximum muscle protein synthesis, without losing the benefits of the other two amino acids. If you’re going psycho in the gym you need about 15 grams of BCAAS per day to maximize muscle growth. That’s why for maximum results, we recommend 1 scoop pre-workout and one scoop post-workout.

 Citrulline malate: Citrulline malate is a Nitric oxide booster and vasodilator. To put this in plain English, it will increase blood flow and give you a pump. Studies also show that when combined with BCAAs, citrulline malate helps reduce fatigue brought on by exercise and improves cognition.

Coconut Water powder: Studies have shown that coconut water is better at hydrating than plain water. This is because coconut water powder is packed with electrolytes, which help with things like hydration and muscle function.

Sodium Chloride: Sodium Chloride is plain salt. But salt plays a key role in workouts that many take for granted: Salt is integral to muscle function, and as an electrolyte, helps with hydration.

Potassium Gluconate: Potassium Gluconate is an electrolyte, and like the previously mentioned electrolytes, it helps boost hydration and is key for muscle function.

Calcium Ascorbate: Calcium ascorbate is the best form of vitamin C because it combines vitamin C with Calcium (they are synergistic). This helps absorption and will stop the discomfort during digestion that is present with some other forms of vitamin C. Vitamin C has many benefits to training such as boosting your immune system, recovery and healing, boosting testosterone, and staving off muscle catabolism (your body using muscle as a source of fuel).


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