Maximus Labs Chizeld. 

60 caps per botle.

Per Cap:
SR9009         15mg
GW501506       15mg
Hexadrone      50mg
Epistane       12mg


SR9009 (stenabolic)

Fat Loss

About 99 percent of people who hit the gym or start a strict diet aims to eliminate fat in the body. If you are obese or overweight and you have tried unsuccessful fat burners, you should take SR9009. This drug facilitates weight loss in three ways which are:

  • Increases glucose metabolism:

Influences the metabolism of glucose in the liver. This results in more glucose being absorbed in the skeletal muscle instead of being stored as fat.

  • Increases calorie metabolism:

Allows for the efficient metabolism of calories entering your body through food. This not only ensures that no fat is stored in your body but also helps reduce the amount of fat that is already stored in your body.

  • Improves basal metabolic rate:

Has the ability to make your body respond as if it were in a state of constant exercise, increasing the basal metabolic rate. Even without engaging in any exercise, your metabolism will remain high while you are using the SR9009.

The good thing about SR9009 fat loss is that the supplement not only helps you to effectively lose weight, whether you are obese or overweight, but it also helps you maintain ideal body weight. In addition, unlike most fat burners on the market, the SR9009 will keep your metabolism high without necessarily affecting your central nervous system.


GW501506 (Cardarine)

Essentially, the substance was a result of the alliance between two big pharmaceutical companies called GSK and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. Also known as GW501516, the drug is a selective androgen receptor modulator and the purpose of its creation was therapeutic. 

According to the experts, the supplement works like an agonist of the androgen receptor. And so, it is effective in reducing inflammation and addressing muscle wasting triggered by medical conditions like AIDS and cancer. Owing to its powers to grow lean muscles, Cardarine caught attention of bodybuilders and athletes crazy about huge, sculpted bodies!



Epistane is an anabolic potent compound that allows the development of compact and dry muscles. It also reduces body fat and promotes the loss of unnecessary water from the body, supporting the preservation of the aesthetic contours of the male silhouette. Significantly increases strength, improves libido and well-being.
Epistane also binds to androgen receptors in skeletal muscle cells and muscle stem cells. This leads to changes in muscle cell functioning and protein synthesis. In the case of muscle stem cells that actually change and connect with the active adult skeletal muscle, they increase the muscle potential for growth and repair.
On the other hand, the presence of androgens reduces the ability of stem cells to create new fat cells, which results in better muscle nutrition.
Epistane is easily absorbed and the results of its use are remarkable, comparable to the results that can be expected from illegal steroids, but with the added benefit of reduced side effects. The high increases in strength and lean muscle mass are surprising, even during a short cycle of 4 to 6 weeks.



Hexadrone is the famous PH that increases Testosterone levels. Also known as 6-chloro-androst-4-ene-3-one-17b-ol, it belongs to the group of non-methylated prohormones, which makes it an ideal product for combining with other powerful products such as M-Drol, EPI and other PH.
Hexadrone guarantees significant muscle growth and strength increase.
The non-methylated PH Hexadrone allows you to gain lean muscle mass without water retention, providing a full and hard muscle appearance and influencing the achievement of a noticeable muscle pump due to the enhanced effect of cellular glycogen storage. Not being methylated it has no unwanted side effects.


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