GW 501516 SARM by Barbell Research 10mg 60 caps

GW 501516 SARM by Barbell Research 10mg 60 caps



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GW 501516 SARM by Barbell Research 10mg 60 caps

GW 501516 by Barbell Research is a powerful SARM Supplement.  With regular exercise, you can be assured of attaining a well built muscle structure. However, to get the most out of it requires investing more in supplements that have little or no discouraging side effects as would most steroid based supplements do. However, adding a SARM supplement is the right solution and this SARM supplement from Hardcore Formulations gives the desired benefits. Available in capsule form, GW 501516 is a SARM with a difference. Commonly used to increase endurance and encourage fat loss, this supplement from Hardcore Formulations sets the pace with its distinct mechanism of action, zero reported side effects and numerous benefits.

GW 501506 Ingredients

Endurobol by Hardcore Formulations contains 20mg of GW501516 per 2 capsules as its active ingredients. Other ingredients used in formulation include Gelatin, Silica, and Magnesium Steareate.

Endurobol GW 501516 Dosage and Possible Side Effects

To achieve the desired anabolic effect of GW 501516 on the body’s lean mass with catabolic weight control benefits, GW 501516 can be taken as 12mg daily and used up to 8 weeks. To maintain its form and efficacy, GW 501516 should be stored at 25oC or at room temperature. When used alongside strenuous/intensive aerobic exercises daily, the benefits of GW 501516 are heightened. From the reports of various clinical trials on animals showed that GW 501516 is carcinogenic in organs of mice already predisposed to liver diseases. However side effects in man to expect during its use are yet to be reported. There its efficiency and use on lean muscles should be considered before being used as a body building supplement.

Endurobol GW 501516 Results and Benefits

Other than being useful on the muscles, GW 501516 has other health benefits which include:

  • Cardiovascular benefits: GW501516 reduces oxidative stress in the heart by increasing nitric oxide, a body chemical implicated in the prevention of atherosclerosis. At the same time, using a number of mechanisms, different animal studies reported that it increases the body’s HDL cholesterol and simultaneously decreases the level of triglycerides.
  • It helps in loss of weight given the reduction of muscle fat. Reduced muscle fat leads to reduction of obesity
  • It has a protective bonus on the kidneys by inhibiting inflammation of the cells of the kidney.
  • As a prominent anti-inflammatory agent on different selected areas of the body, Endurobol  GW501516 is therefore designed to help the immune system.

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