Cobalt Research Liquid MK-2866 mk2866 Ostarine


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Cobalt Research, Liquids:  30ml per bottle

MK-2866 (Ostarine): 30mg per ml


Since Stryker labs went down, we have been having other liquid brands third party tested to find a good replacement. Cobalt is the 4th brand that we had tested and the first that tested true to label claims. Be sure you’re buying quality because there is a lot of junk out there.


On a broader aspect, Ostarine mimics the action of testosterone on the muscles and joints. Testosterone is the male hormone, responsible for development of secondary sexual characteristics. But, the use of androgens is weaning away after the emergence of Ostarine for the following reasons.

  1. Although traditional steroids also enhance the action of testosterone, they act as non-selective activators which lead to collateral side effects like suppression of testosterone levels and additionally increasing the estrogen levels. On the contrary, SARM like Ostarine selectively and specifically activate the androgen receptors present in the bones and muscles. This property eliminates the deleterious side effects, making Ostarine the most desirable drug in the muscle building industry.
  2. Virilization is one of the primary concerns related to performance enhancing drugs. With proper dosage of Ostarine, there is no risk of virilization. In fact, this characteristic is most appreciated by female athletes who desire to outperform in the fitness industry.
  3. Owing to its anti-catabolic action on the body, users could use MK-2866 to prevent muscle wasting. This enables to preserve the gained lean muscle and shed excess body weight even with low calorie diet.
  4. The phenomenal effect of Ostabolic is its healing property. Injuries such as muscle pain, sprains, fractures are inevitable collateral issues related to bodybuilding industry. Fortunately, Enobosarm promote healing in tissues, reducing the recovery period which act as a knight in shinning armor for athletics.
  5. Unlike other performance enhancers, Ostarine is not hepatotoxic due to its non-methylated property.
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