Cobalt Research Liquid GW-501516 Cardarine


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Cobalt Research, Liquids:  30ml per bottle

GW-501516: 20mg per ml


Since Stryker labs went down, we have been having other liquid brands third party tested to find a good replacement. Cobalt is the 4th brand that we had tested and the first that tested true to label claims. Be sure you’re buying quality because there is a lot of junk out there.



What results can you get with Cardarine?

There is a reason why GW501516 is called Enduborol. That’s because the first and most notable effect is the increase in endurance.

That’s what makes it so desirable for athletes from a performance enhancement point of view.

But that’s not all.

Fat Loss:

One of the effects of activating the PPAR-delta pathway is lipolysis. GW501516 signals the body to utilize stored fat instead of muscle for energy. This has a two-pronged effect. Firstly, your metabolism is revved up and you start to burn more organ-clogging fat. Secondly, this gives you a consistent supply of energy. Not a skewed graph as is the case with stimulant-laden fat burners.


Cardarine kicks in within days of the cycle and the results are almost magical. You can bang out more reps in the gym without getting pooped, your cardiovascular capacity skyrockets. Many athletes report being able to breathe easier. Some mention that their lungs felt lighter when they were on the compound. That’s the reason why multiple athletes have been caught on Cardarine. Long distance cyclists, runners, sprinters, anyone in competitive sports can gain an advantage with Cardarine. Bodybuilders on a trenbolone cycle add it to their stack for the same reason.

Muscle retention :

While it helps you burn fat; it also helps you retain muscle. That’s akin to what anabolic steroids do. Think about the potential applications of the drug in a hardcore cutting cycle or during competition prep.


A lot of athletes start using Cardarine purely for its therapeutic benefits. One of which is faster recover from injury and reduced inflammation in muscle tissue. Cardarine also helps to reduce inflammation in brain cells and might protect from the damage caused due to oxidative stress.


Using steroids that are harsh on your lipid levels? Cardarine can help lower LDL levels while increasing the levels of HDL. Think of it like adding a cholesterol drug that also offers tons of other benefits.

Liver Damage:

Another reason to consider adding it to your steroid stack, especially if you are using orals. Cardarine helps reduce inflammation in the liver, prevents insulin resistance and may protect the liver from steroid-induced damage.


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