Clenbuterol Platinum

Clenbuterol Platinum


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Clenbuterol Platinum

How Do You Make An Iconic Product Such As ClenbuteDrol Legendary? The Answer Is To Allow The Genius Brains At Corrupt Pharmaceuticals Do The Work!

Ladies & Gentlemen, We Introduce “ClenbuteDrol Platinum.”

You May Be Asking, Why Change Something “Iconic” To “Legendary.”  Simple Answer, You Must Evolve.  You Must Always Be Better And Never Remain Stagnant. The Platinum Version Offers You A Bit More Than The Original Product.

What Can I Expect:

Endurance And A Lot More Of It.  It’s Powered By Ephedra Which Will Allow You To Crush Your Sprint, Jogging, Lifting, Etc. Sessions!  This Means, You Will Be Even Harder, Have More Definition And Be The Envy Of Everyone That Decided To Drink And Party Instead Of Taking Care Of Their 1 And Only Body. Your Focus Level Will Be As Sharp As A Wild Cat Once It Spots Its Prey.  You Will Be So Exhilirating That People Will Gravitate To You; Too Bad So Sad For Them As You’ll Be Too Busy Accomplishing Goals As Opposed To Just Yapping Away. We Still Urge You To Be Courteous Towards Others But Only After You’re Done With Your Fitness Activity!  People Of Planet Earth, If You Like ClenbuteDrol, You’ll Love The Platinum Version.

How Does It Work:

Just Like ClenbuteDrol The Platinum Version Is Also A Liquid, It Will Enter Your Body With More Potency Being That It Has Not Been Converted To A Powder.

Our Products Don’t Fail, People Do!

Suggested Use

1.5 cc’s/ml upon awakening.  You simply need to use it once. Do not exceed 2 cc’s/ml in a 24 hour period. Have a good diet in place and a good workout regimen in order.  Make sure you are healthy before beginning any supplements and workout program.  This bottle should last you 2 months, on average.



Halostachys Caspica Extract 99%

12-Phenyl-benzo[h]chromen-4-one  (7,8 BENZO)



1,3 Dymethyl

Octopamine HCL




ClenX TM

Ephedra Viridis

**Daily Value Not Established, For Research Purposes Only, Not For Human Consumption.  It is your responsibility to know whether or not you are able to use any of the substances listed on our products.  If you are an athlete/work for the government/state/city or any organization that may test you for ANY substance a “false/positive” result may occur.  Check with your employers medical department as they should know what you may or may not consume for employment. **

**Weather may cause it to change to a “yellowish” color.  This will not affect product.**


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