Cobalt Research mk677 Ibutamoren

Cobalt Research mk677 Ibutamoren


Cobalt Research Liquid MK677 Iburamoren.

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    Cobalt Research, Liquids:  30ml per bottle

    MK-677 (Iburamoren): 25mg per ml


    Since Stryker labs went down, we have been having other liquid brands third party tested to find a good replacement. Cobalt is the 4th brand that we had tested and the first that tested true to label claims. Be sure you’re buying quality because there is a lot of junk out there.

    Strong and lean muscle building:

    This is the major reason why athletes enjoy using MK-677. As a growth hormone secretagogue, the result of Ibutamoren is often long-lasting. This means a better lean and hard muscle. Ibutamoren works by enhancing new muscle cell growth by sending a signal to the pituitary gland, demanding the secretion of more growth hormone.

    This command in-turn triggers the liver to release the IGF-1. The combined effort of these hormones increases the rate of recovery and protein synthesis. Athletes that are committed to the use of Ibutamoren in addition to their regular workout routine will enjoy a tremendous increase in their muscle mass.

    Bone density, tendon and ligament healing:

    MK 677 increases the amount of growth hormone that the body secretes. This helps the body to increase bone density and heal better and faster.

    Fat loss and Skin tightening:

    MK-677 allows you to burn fat and build muscle by making use of the body’s fat reserve. Not only does it increase the rate of fat oxidation, but it also gets rid of the fat and leave users with a lean muscle. Also, Ibutamoren takes care of the events after a fat loss by tightening the loose skin and improving its quality.

    Recovery and tissue regeneration:

    MK 677 aids fast and better recoveries from injuries that affect the ligaments or muscle as a result of tear or lifting.


    Odd but true. Sleep is an essential build up to faster recovery from injuries. The secretion of testosterone and natural ghrelin hormones that promotes better muscle mass have been heavily tied to good sleep. Ibutamoren increases the duration and quality of sleep of users.

    Better Appetite:

    Stronger and better appetite equals more calories intake, which when combined with routine exercise promotes stronger muscle growth. Ibutamoren is capable of increasing your appetite.


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